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In 2005, we were in the middle of Bush’s America.

And here I was, in one of the bluest cities, in one of the blues counties, in one of the bluest states in America. And what could *I* do?

Well, I can do research.

And I can raise money.

And I had a small community on DailyKos.

I started researching House races, state by state. “Taking Back the House — State By State”, check Ultrageek and DailyKos on Google. Theyre all there.

So, I started an ActBlue page, and from Dave Loesback to Gabby Giffords to Tim Walz to Kristin Gillibrand to PatsyMadrid to Ron Klein to Steve Kagen to Harry Mitchell to Dan Seals to 50 other candidates, we made a difference in elections. We made a difference in elections that Rahm Emanuel told me to leave alone.

We didn't win every race.

But, when Rahm told me that there were maybe half-a-dozen races that were in contention, and I told him that it was closer to 40, he laughed at me. Of course, he's the Mayor of Chicago now, and I'm still a schmuck on the north side of a computer keyboard.
But I’m a schmuck who raised $17,500 for Democrats nationwide. And I’m a schmuck who made a difference.

Well, now itz harder.

The reddies hold both chambers, the White House, the Supreme Court, and enough governorships to pretty much legislate their wet dreams and screw America for a generation.

We need to rebuild.

We need to start now.

We need to start small.

We need to get down to the State House level and the State Senate level.

And we need to make a difference.

Because if we dont flip State Houses and State Senates in 2018, and the 2020 census hits, the House will be so gerrymandered that we won’t be able to touch it for a decade. To start. I havent posted on Daily Kos in years. Im a Facebook person now. And itz harder on Facebook, because you're not just talking to the activists.

But itz time to *make* activism.

Itz time to get off the mat.

And like I did in 2005 and 2006, I will analyze races and put up an ActBlue page. And I will ask you for money. Because at a low enough level, a couple of hundred dollars here and there might make a huge difference: more buttons; more yard signs; more cups of coffee.

I hope that you will stand with me so we can Take Back Our Country - District by District.

And make your contributions recurring.  Let the ground game start early.

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