Help me attend the Democratic National Convention

There are so few people in the United States that have an opportunity to attend the Dem Convention. I am honored to have been chosen to attend as an Elected Official.

This year, of all years, when there is still a race to be run, is probably the best convention to get to attend in many, many years. If I get overly excited, I hope people will understand my passion for having a chance to go speak for the well-being of people that have been being set aside for the sake of money.

Please help me get there. Since I am not only by the people and for the people, but also of the people, it's not exactly part of my budget, and certainly not in my back account... until you help put it there.

The suggested amount to raise for transportation, housing, and meals is $2,500. While I don't expect to need that much (I do everything on the cheap!) I'd rather raise it and, if not needed, either contribute the remainder to my campaign account, or to our Democratic candidates in this election cycle. It's going to be tough race not only for president, but also for Senate candidates.

Since this is not part of a campaign, there are no contribution limits and your name will not appear on campaign finance reports.

Please email me with any questions, comments, concerns, or just congrats and support. 

Dorothy Krause
Dane County Board of Supervisors
Fitchburg Common Council
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