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While the elections for Congress will take center stage this November, progressives also need to make sure we elect Democrats to state governments, too. Often with little scrutiny, Republicans at the state level have passed heaps of extremist legislation and abdicated their duties to protect our rights.

But we can change that this year, by supporting candidates for state office. That includes Democrats fighting to become:

  • Governors, who can roll back conservative policies and block Republican gerrymandering
  • Secretaries of State, who can protect and expand voting rights
  • Attorneys General, who have the legal authority to fight back against Trump in court
  • State Legislators, who can pass progressive legislation that the GOP has thwarted for years—these newest endorsees include:
    • Kayser Enneking, Florida SD-08
    • Janet Cruz, Florida SD-18
    • Mari Manoogian, Michigan HD-40
    • Padma Kuppa, Michigan HD-41
    • Alberta Griffin, Michigan HD-61
    • Julie von Haefen, North Carolina HD-36
    • Christy Clark, North Carolina HD-98
    • Danielle Otten, Pennsylvania HD-155
    • Jennifer O’Mara, Pennsylvania HD-165
    • Kristin Seale, Pennsylvania HD-168
    • Kriss Marion, Wisconsin SD-17
    • Lee Snodgrass, Wisconsin SD-19

    Republicans know just how important these positions are, which is why they've always devoted so much attention to them, unglamorous as they may seem.

    That's why progressives need to get involved in these races, too. They may not draw the big headlines, but they're vital to the health of our democracy.

    So please give $1 to each of these Daily Kos-endorsed Democrats running for state office today!

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