Daily Kos endorses Doug Jones

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Odds are you are already familiar with Christian extremist Roy Moore, who was twice booted off Alabama’s Supreme Court for defying the law, once when he refused to remove a monument of the 10 Commandments from the court grounds and a second time when he defied the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling making same-sex marriage the law of the land. But Moore’s hostility to bedrock American values cannot be repeated often enough. He’s the man who:

  • said that Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison doesn’t belong in Congress because he's a Muslim and compared the Quran to Mein Kampf;
  • claimed that 9/11 was punishment because America had turned away from God;
  • once called homosexuality “abominable, detestable, unmentionable, and too disgusting” in a court opinion;
  • declared that legalizing same-sex marriage was worse than the Dredd Scott ruling that upheld slavery; and
  • said, as recently as last year, that he doesn’t believe Barack Obama was born in the United States
… among many, many other wretched things. And atop of his naked bigotry is the cloud of corruption, as Moore has personally collected over $1 million for half a decade’s worth of “part-time” work for his own private charitable foundation. It’s hard to imagine someone less suited to serving in the United States Senate than he.

We are exceptionally fortunate that Moore has drawn a stiff challenge from a very worthy opponent. Doug Jones is a former U.S. attorney who served under Bill Clinton and is justly famous for prosecuting the KKK terrorists who dynamited a black church in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 and murdered four young girls aged 11 through 14. As was so common in the aftermath of white supremacist violence in the South then, the perpetrators escaped justice for decades, but Jones successfully prosecuted two of the killers in 2001 and 2002 and has proudly run campaign ads highlighting this accomplishment.

So please chip in today to help send Doug Jones to the Senate and Roy Moore to retirement, once and for all.

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