Contribute to fight GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering

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Daily Kos is pleased to endorse Democratic secretary of state candidates in six key swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio.

Please, fight GOP voter suppression by contributing $1 to each of these six progressive candidates.

In the hands of GOP election officials, voting rights in all six of these states has suffered:

  • In Arizona, voters waited up to seven hours to vote in the presidential primary in 2016, with many giving up and leaving without casting a ballot.
  • In Colorado, the Republican incumbent actively opposed attempts to make voting easier, including same-day registration and universal vote-by-mail.
  • In Iowa, the sitting secretary of state failed to count almost 6,000 absentee ballots in a single county in 2016.
  • In Michigan, Republicans have repeatedly tried to eliminate straight-ticket voting, which would lead to longer lines in predominantly African American precincts.
  • In Nevada, the Republican incumbent purged voter rolls and turned over voters’ personal information to Trump’s sham voting commission.
  • And in Ohio, the GOP candidate has a long history of supporting voter suppression legislation and tried to eliminate a full week of early voting.

The Democrats running don't want to just end Republican control of these offices, they want to undo the attacks on voting rights carried out by their predecessors. They have a vision for the future:

  • Real campaign finance reform at the state level;
  • Implementing automatic voter registration;
  • Increasing turnout among voters of color and communities often underrepresented, Improving election security to protect both voters’ personal data and the integrity of elections;
  • Fighting for fair redistricting.

Republicans hate all of these ideas because they’d increase voter turnout—and they’ve shown there’s nothing they fear more than a bigger electorate. So we know they’ll go to every extreme to hold on to these crucial secretaries of state offices, which is why we’re going to have to fight like hell to elect all of these Democrats and ensure the future of fair elections.

Please, fight GOP voter suppression by contributing $1 to each of these candidates.

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