Contribute now to help Stacey Abrams win the Georgia runoff!

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We're headed to overtime! Because no candidate took a majority of the vote on Nov. 6, Democrat Stacey Abrams will face off against Republican Brian Kemp in a runoff on Dec. 4 to determine who will be Georgia's next governor.

Kemp is a notorious voter-suppression crusader who has used the powers of his position as a secretary of state to make voting as hard as he can. He's even gone so far as to spew outright lies about Democrats "hacking" Georgia's voting systems, all in an attempt to sow fear and undermine democracy.

Abrams, meanwhile, has run on a positive vision for her state that includes expanding Medicaid, and she could also make history as the first black woman to get elected governor anywhere.

Republicans will play as dirty as possible to keep this seat in their hands, which is why we need to dig deep to give Abrams all the help we can.

Please donate $3 today to thwart GOP voter suppression and help Stacey Abrams become Georgia's next governor!

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