Make Republicans pay for their tax giveaway to the rich

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It’s awful enough that House Republicans just passed a bill cutting taxes on big businesses and the ultra-wealthy. It's even more appalling that they’re also increasing the tax burden for many ordinary folks in order to pay for this immoral giveaway.

But most disgusting of all is the fact that the GOP, at the very last second, wants to use this vehicle to try to wreck Obamacare yet again. Under the latest Republican scheme, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that an astonishing 13 million Americans would have their health coverage eliminated, just so the one percent can buy a second yacht. Enraging doesn’t begin to cover it.

There’s only one thing we can do: Make. Them. Pay.

Democrats need to win 24 seats to take back the House next year, so we’ve identified the two dozen most vulnerable Republicans seeking re-election who voted for this abomination and created this special fundraising page where you can donate to defeat all of them—right now. We're making use of ActBlue’s district-level “nominee funds,” which hold all donations in escrow until after the Democratic primary; at that point, the cash is transferred in one fell swoop to the Democratic nominee, who can then start using those dollars for his or her general election campaign immediately. If we can build up these funds now, we’ll be able to give our candidates a huge boost at a critical time next year.

So please contribute now. We need to show Republicans that there’s a serious price to pay for what they’ve done, and there’s no better way than by booting them out of office.

Give $1 for each targeted district so that we can terrify Republicans and help Democrats win the House in 2018.

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