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Hillary Clinton won Virginia by more than 5 points in 2016, but Republicans won 7 of the state’s 11 congressional seats.

How? Gerrymandering.

Republican wins in oft-ignored state legislature races in 2009 and 2010 gave the GOP control of the redistricting process in a majority of states after the 2010 census. They then used that power to draw some of the most outrageously gerrymandered maps in history all across the nation—Virginia is just one egregious example among many. These efforts were so successful that experts estimate that Democrats would need to win the national popular vote for the House by at least 7 points to have any shot at taking back the majority from Paul Ryan.

This is why the next 2 years are so important. Gubernatorial and state legislative elections held in 2017 and 2018 will help determine who holds redistricting power after the 2020 census—and whether Democrats will be locked out of the majority in the House for another decade or more.

That's why Daily Kos is going big in Virginia this fall.

Can you chip in to elect a Democratic governor in Virginia?

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