Daily Kos for Virginia House Democrats

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After an astonishing election night that was the best since 1899, Democrats have picked up 15 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates. That means Republicans are now clinging to just a 51-49 edge in the chamber—and five races in GOP-held districts are potentially subject to recounts.

If we can hold the one seat of these five where the Democrats are leading and change the outcome in one of the other four, that would put Democrats into a 50-50 tie and force the GOP into a power-sharing arrangement; flip two and we’d take the House outright. Either way, we'd put an end to the GOP's ability to pass more laws that suppress the vote, attack women’s reproductive rights, and enrich the wealthy at the expense of ordinary folks.

But Virginia Democrats left everything on the field on election night, and they're completely tapped out, so they badly need our help.

So please give $3 to help with these recounts and turn Virginia blue!

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