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Finally, in the shadow of repeated abuses of power and betrayals of his oath of office, Democrats have made the case for the impeachment of Donald Trump. However, despite bombshell testimony from multiple witnesses, mountains of evidence, and an admission of guilt from Trump and his staff, our work still isn't done.

Trump's Republican co-conspirators in Congress — aided by Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, and Facebook — are doing everything they can to protect their king. 

To impeach, convict, and remove Trump from office, we'll have to campaign harder than we ever have before.

That's why Daily Kos has committed to buying billboards, running digital ads, and investing in field organizers to increase pressure on key Republican senators. 

This is the largest campaign in Daily Kos history and we need your help to make it happen. Please chip in $5 to help impeach, convict, and remove Trump from office.

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