Dom Pascual

Support a Better Brookhaven!

• Brookhaven needs someone who is not merely an efficient administrator of our taxes; but someone who will be a fiduciary; and provide independent financial oversight over our public funds.

• As your Receiver of Taxes, I pledge to fight against the Corruption in our town; and against the machine politics that has wasted our tax dollars and eroded our trust. I will fight for a town government that is open and transparent. I will read the audit reports and budget reports and advocate for the best long term interest of all residents.

• As your Receiver of Taxes, I pledge to advocate for economic development for our underserved communities, so all residents can be proud of their town. We know which communities are taken care of and which are not. It is not American and it is not just to leave out our diverse communities.

• As your Receiver of Taxes, I pledge to educate the public so eligible senior citizens, veterans and new homeowners get that tax relief they are entitled to under the law. No one should have to pay a penny more than what they have to; so they can take care of their family.

Thank you for your Support!

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