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The Top 10 Races (+1)

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Before you read this, watch this video and turn the volume up. 

We are less than one week away from one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. You've registered, you've volunteered, you've harassed all of your friends to make sure they vote (right? you've done that, right?). Now you're wondering: What else can I possibly do? 

Here's one last thing. 

Earlier this week, our friends at the data firm Civis Analytics provided us with a list of 20 races where you donations would have the most impact. Somehow, some way, you guys raised ONE MILLION DOLLARS for those candidates. Holy shit! Thank you! 

So we asked them to refresh the list so we could do it again and narrow our focus. According to Civis, contributions to these 10 districts will have the most impact in the final days before the election. Oh, we also added known-racist Rep. Steve King's district because fuck that guy. Civis based their analysis on updated forecasts, updated spending, and how much it costs to run ads in respective media markets. SMART STUFF from COOL NERDS.

If you're wondering what your dollar actually does, here's an example of how this breaks down. $15 helps a canvasser to knock on 15 doors in an hour, $25 helps a campaign remind 1,000 people to vote on Facebook, $50 can pay for water and snacks to help 10 volunteers get through a canvassing shift, and $100 can help pay for gas for 4 volunteers to drive dozens of voters to the polls. 

We're in the home stretch. The red zone. The best sports metaphor for this moment. 

Anything you do now can have an outsized impact on what happens on November 6th. So thanks for doing your part.  

--Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan 

TX-7 Lizzie Pannill Fletcher

CA-10 Josh Harder

WV-3 Richard Ojeda

NM-2 Xochitl Small

VA-5 Leslie Cockburn

MT-1 Kathleen Williams

KS-2 Paul Davis

ME-2 Jared Golden

NC-2 Linda Coleman

NY-22 Anthony Brindisi

IA-4 J.D. Scholten

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