Dr. Fred Infortunio, working agsinst Republican corruption / any corruption that harms the people in Texas: Texans.

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I thank you for your support to my 2018 campaign. I am not running in the 2020 race.

We need to take the Texas House, maintain control of Congress (I help Mike Siegel, and Greg Hartman in my district, I will decide on other candidates in the future). We need to put Trump et. al. in jail, and retire McConnel.

I am continuing to work for a fair and bright future for Texas. I plan to bring some light and reason, and a path to a better future for Texas. I am targeting long term corruption by any politicians; the Republicans seem to specialize in corruption.

Donations will help bring my message to those that want a better Texas.

Teaching all Texans to believe in the common good and to use critical analysis is costly and time consuming.

Thank you for your donation.


Fred Infortunio, PhD, MBA,MS-ChE, PE(fl), PE(ret.)

A Clear Thinking Progressive

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