Support Sara Dady. IL-16. Defeat Adam Kinzinger.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger has been the rep for IL-16 since 2011, casting one bad vote after another. Latest such were his votes for TrumpCare2 and the GOP tax scam. He has voted with Trump almost 100% of the time. Enough! We need to turn this seat Blue!

Sara Dady has won the Democratic Party primary for this seat. Sara grew up in Rockford IL.

Sara is an attorney who has built a law practice up from her living room 10 years ago into the biggest law firm west of Chicago.

Sara Dady, her husband Allyn, and their two kids live in Rockford IL in IL-16.

Lack of insurance prevented Sara's mom from getting a much needed MRI, and her mom had an untimely early death - a life-changing event for Sara and her kids. This has had significant impact on Sara personally and has driven Sara to take a policy position of wanting to ensure that no one goes without healthcare they need. Sara Dady has shown strong commitment to both access and continuity of coverage for all people including youth going to college and people with pre-existing conditions who may be in between jobs or may be stuck in jobs because of need for coverage. Sara Dady has made a strong commitment to universal healthcare that is accessible and affordable to everyone without having to travel miles away or waiting for weeks for an appointment.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Sara Dady to victory.

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