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Re-Elect Dean Phillips. MN-03. Nov 3, 2020.

You helped elect Dean Phillips as U.S. House Representative from Minnesoa's 3rd congressional district, in 2018! Thank you! Let us help him win again!

Dean Phillips is 6th generation Minnesotan and a successful business owner, a community leader and a first time candidate for Congress.

Dean Phillips earned his MBA from Univ of Minnesota and served as CEO of Phillips Distilling Company, and then helped build Talenti Gelato, one of the best selling ice cream brands in the US. He now co-owns Penny's Coffee that takes pride in being an employer that pays employees a living wage.

Dean Phillips is a strong Democrat who considers himself independent-minded in that he is fiscally responsible and socially inclusive. Dean has gotten on a mini bus to tour MN-03 and meet and listen to his constituents and bring people together; he has discovered that there is more that unites us than not. Phillips has embraced and showcased a truly innovative grassroots campaign that has proven accessible and encourages dialog.

We're counting on grassroots supporters like you to power Dean Phillips to victory.


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