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Let us increase blue strength in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Following are our recommended Democratic candidates for flipping red seats:

Special Elections (Congressional districts)

. . . Vacant blue seat - Keep it blue!

  • CA-25: Christy Smith

. . . Vacant red seat - Flip It Blue!

  • WI-07 Tricia Zunker

Frontline Open blue seat

  • IA-02: Rita Hart

Red seats widely recognized as ready to flip-to-blue

  • TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones
  • NC-02: Deborah Ross
  • NC-06: Kathy Manning

Battle-ground flip-to-blue - Red seats

. . . Tier 1

  • GA-07: TBD (Nominee fund)
  • MI-03: Hillary Scholten
  • NE-02: TBD (Nominee fund)
  • PA-01: TBD (Nominee fund)
  • TX-22: Sri Kulkarni
  • TX-24: TBD (Nominee fund)

. . . Tier 2

  • FL-15: Adam Hattersley
  • IL-13: Betsy Londrigan
  • IN-05: Christina Hale
  • MO-02: Jill Schupp
  • MI-06: TBD (Nominee fun)
  • NJ-02: Brigid Callahan Harrison
  • NY-01: Nancy Goroff
  • NY-02: Jackie Gordon
  • NY-24: Francis Conole
  • OH-01: Kate Schroder
  • OH-12: Alaina Shearer
  • PA-10: Eugene DePasquale
  • TX-10: TBD (Nominee fund)
  • TX-21: Wendy Davis
  • TX-31: Christine Mann
  • WA-03: Carolyn Long

. . . Tier 3

  • AR-02: Joyce Elliott
  • AZ-06: Hiral Tipirneni
  • CA-22: Phil Arballo
  • CO-03: Diane Mitsch Bush
  • FL-16: Margaret Good
  • IA-04: J.D. Scholten
  • KS-02: Michelle De La Isla
  • KY-06: Josh Hicks
  • MN-01: Dan Feehan
  • MT-AL: Kathleen Williams
  • NY-27: Nate McMurray
  • VA-05: Roger Dean Huffstetler

. . . Stretch goals

  • AZ-05: Joan Greene
  • AZ-08: Michael Muscato
  • CA-08: Chris Bubser
  • CA-50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
  • NJ-04: Stephanie Schmid
  • NY-21: Tedra Cobb
  • NY-23: Tracy Mitrano
  • OH-10: Desiree Tims
  • SC-02: Adair Ford Boroughs
  • TX-17: Rick Kennedy
  • UT-02: Ashley Jolin
  • VA-01: Vangie Williams
  • WI-05: Tom Palzewicz

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