Eggman for Assembly 2018

Your support for this campaign is important to help me continue the good work you ask of me!

In the State Assembly I am fighting for our area. I am running for reelection and would be honored to have your support.

There are times when we feel forgotten. We have no CSU or UC campus near us.

Governor Brown continues to push a water plan that takes our water and sends it to Los Angeles. Our veterans continue to wait for a long promised local VA facility.

Every year thousands of qualified high school students are denied access to college.

This is a travesty.

I am pushing for a CSU Stockton and we are making progress. State and local leaders are hearing our plea – build a local campus and create a pathway for qualified students to attend college. I hope that a CSU Stockton campus can serve as a job retraining center.

Let’s get the Central Valley working with good paying jobs – jobs for the 21st Century.

The Delta Water Plan pushed by the Governor is on life support and I will continue to oppose it.

As a veteran, I am frustrated by the delays for a local VA facility. I have joined with

thousands of local veterans in an effort to get this project moving. I even took local

veterans and advocates to the Palo Alto VA to ensure our voices were heard.

Finally I am proud of my effort to link the ACE train to the BART System. This is one

train project we can all support! Learn more about my work at

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