Donate to Elect Christie Craig to State Representative, Arkansas District 96

A note from the candidate:

Simply put, I’m running because I want to make a difference. I believe strong public schools make strong communities, and I believe education should be valued as a lifelong process. I believe access to adequate healthcare should not be conditional on whether a person can afford to be sick, and I believe protecting its most vulnerable is the responsibility of every society. I believe a citizen legislature should be focused on improving the lives of all residents, regardless of ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, orientation, disability, or financial means. I believe a government that asks men and women in uniform to fight for a flag should be able to help them come home when that fight is done. I believe a state ranked second in gun ownership should lead the country in establishing common sense ownership laws that make point-of-sale decisions the responsibility of government, not retailers. I believe a state whose motto is ‘The Natural State’ should be moving full throttle to lead the nation in sustainability initiatives, not endangering our forests and waterways for private profit. And I believe a state settled by subsistence farmers and pioneers should be the first to step toward innovation, not the last.

That's why I'm asking for your support: help me make a difference for Arkansas families!

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