Elizabeth Warren for President, Donate Now

Elizabeth Warren is running for president, and she's a proven progressive warrior. Please donate to help Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren knocked it out of the ballpark at the first presidential debate. Here's video of Elizabeth Warren's first debate answer, it's great.

Elizabeth Warren Surging in the Polls

UPDATE: In a new national poll, Elizabeth Warren pulls ahead of Bernie Sanders, and is now in second place!

Elizabeth Warren's poll numbers have been surging for several weeks now, and her surge is persisting and persisting and persisting. The latest poll shows Elizabeth Warren tied for second place, alongside Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. And Warren beats Trump by 7 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll!

Elizabeth Warren on the Issues

Elizabeth Warren is a solid progressive and a fighter, who will gladly take the battle to Donald Trump in 2020. As President, Warren will push for Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, student loan debt cancellation and free public college, a moratorium on drilling on public lands, a new law to ensure corporations pay their fair share in taxes, eliminating the electoral college so no longer will the will of the people be ignored, a historic investment in housing, breaking up big tech companies, establishing universal child care, and an ultra-millionaire tax. More on Warren's positions here.

Elizabeth Warren, Proven Leader

Elizabeth Warren has proven that she cares about the issues that matter most, and she can get under Donald Trump's skin like no one else. Donate now to help Elizabeth Warren win the Democratic nomination, and to help Democrats put a stake through the heart of Trumpism once and for all.

PS You can watch Elizabeth Warren's recent climate change speech here.

(Image courtesy of Elizabeth Warren.)

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