Despite the progress made in 2018, Republicans still control 61 state legislative chambers, while Democrats control 37. We have two more years to flip chambers in key swing states before the redistricting process.

Your donation today will make a critical difference by providing support to candidates in must-win districts to make that happen.

EveryDistrict endorses candidates in competitive districts that are committed to moving their communities forward, have strong connections to their districts, and have a campaign strategy in place to win. We aim to expand the map by supporting candidates in the purple-to-red districts that Democrats need to win to win majorities in states legislatures. In 2020, we'll be supporting candidates in these types of districts across the country, and your donation today will help us do that.

In 2019, we're working in two states with important state legislative elections: Virginia and Mississippi. You can provide direct support to the candidates we've endorsed in Virginia by clicking here and the candidates we've endorsed in Mississippi by clicking here.

If you want to make an even bigger impact, you can sign up to become a fundraising champion and exponentially increase the power of your donation. We believe that the future is in “peer-to-peer” fundraising, where fundraising champions use their networks to raise money for Democrats. We are recruiting hundreds of fundraising champions to lead the way, and you can be one of them! Learn about how to become a fundraising champion, and sign up, here.

Questions? Comments? Send us a note at info@everydistrict.us.

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