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These candidates will turn Virginia blue

Despite the progress made in 2018, Republicans still control 61 state legislative chambers, while Democrats control 37. This year, we can add two more chambers to the Democratic column by flipping the State Senate and State House in Virginia.

Your donation will make a critical difference by providing direct support to candidates in must-win districts to make that happen. These 10 candidates are running to flip the most competitive GOP-held House and Senate districts.

Why is this so important? This year, Democrats can flip both chambers of the legislature in Virginia and turn Virginia into a blue state. Democratic majorities in the Virginia legislature would mean we could pass gun safety legislation, raise the minimum wage, and pass the Equal Rights amendment, to name just a few issues.

The Virginia Senate and House are two of 15 priority chambers identified in EveryDistrict's Purple States Project. EveryDistrict's Purple States Project is the most comprehensive, public analysis of competitive state legislative districts ever. Learn more about our Purple States Project by visiting EveryDistrict.us/Purple-States.

Questions? Comments? Send us a note at info@everydistrict.us or visit EveryDistrict.us to learn more.

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