Flip the 14 is Acting to Defend Immigrant Children & Families. Help Us Reach Voters in Key Congressional Districts.

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We at Flip the 14 share your anger and your anguish over the inhumane horrors occuring on our southern border. First, Trump’s troops tore thousands of children away from their families, some of whom may never be reunited. Then, the Administration tried to warehouse families indefinitely in detention camps. We don’t know what they’ll try next, but we know it’s bad. They have clearly revealed their colors. This whole saga has been sickening.

We are launching a major initiative to reach voters in key California Congressional districts, especially voters who turned out in the November 2016 election but skipped the June 2018 primary. Our focus is Latino voters, young voters, and suburban women voters who we believe will overwhelmingly side with the children.

Can you help us launch this campaign? You’ve seen our track record and know we devote our resources to the field. For every $1,000 raised, we promise we will reach 10,000 voters in important California swing districts, alerting them to their Representative’s position, and urging them to call their Member of Congress and demand action.

As we learned from our successful texting campaign in the primary, we have an incredible volunteer network. If we secure the resources, we’re confident can reach the voters we need to reach. Please contribute today.

(When you're done contributing, we're also looking for new volunteers for this initiative. You can sign up here.)

Contributions or gifts to Flip the 14 are not tax deductible. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

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