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My name is Melissa Faulkner and I am proud to announce my run for Salem Councillor-At-Large. I am accepting donations to help further my position and increase awareness of my candidacy- any amount is of great help and accepted with much gratitude. 

Born and raised in Salem, I am so grateful to be raising my five boys in a city with so much charm, character, and soul. Salem is a unique city and those of us who live here seldom take its history and culture for granted. For those reasons and many more, it feels like a true honor to be considered as a member of the Council. I will do everything to ensure every background, every opinion, and every journey has a chance to be voiced and heard. Above all, I want to teach others how to advocate for themselves by setting an example through my own family’s experience. My journey that led me here includes the challenges that come with raising two children with Epilepsy, winning sole custody in probate court, and winning against a landlord in Housing Court who almost left my children and I homeless. These experiences led me to be apart of Homes for Salem, a guest member of the Governors and Mayors office at the Notch, and eventually here, in my run for candidacy. Part of my plan includes creating a database where all community resources can be accessed easily. I plan on taking a collaborative approach and working alongside Salem’s citizens- especially those unseen and unheard. 

With these tools and an economically forward-approach, I plan to address topics that hold much meaning and connection to my life including housing, special education, school system’s, veteran’s affairs, domestic violence, aging seniors discrimination, and immigration. As Councillor-At-Large I will make it my duty to lead with empathy, compassion, and understanding for all the amazing constituents of Salem. Thank you for your time and for your help. 

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