Fannin County Democratic Party (GA)

Use Your Green to Turn Fannin County Blue!

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Let’s face it, Democrats residing in Fannin County or in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District face an uphill battle, thanks to it being a Republican stronghold cultivated on deceit, manipulation, and fear mongering. And as a Democrat living in this area, it’s easy to see why some might throw in the towel and give up. 

But Democrats aren’t quitters.

We are witnessing the beginning of a movement in North Georgia. It’s a movement that has the backing of young people just learning that something as simple as casting a vote can change the course of history, but are ready to go further by speaking truth to power and lending their energy and vitality to the cause. It’s a movement that has the support of moms and dads willing to fight for the future so that their children will have better job opportunities, healthcare, and a world safe from the threat of further global warming. And it’s a movement that has the unwavering compassion of senior citizens holding firm in their convictions and continuing the fight for the rights of others, as they have fought for them their entire lives.

We’ve always known that there are things far more worth the fight than giving up, because we realize future generations depend on us. Our world depends on us. 

And we’re depending on you. 


Please consider donating to the Fannin County Democrats so that we can continue building a firm foundation in the community through advocacy, education, and service. Your contribution will help usher in a new era of development and structure within our party and will allow us to push the limits of our own expectations.

Because with YOUR help, the possibilities are endless.

Whether it’s a one-time donation or a recurring monthly contribution, every gift from you is appreciated and will be dedicated to supporting candidates on the ballot, as well as establishing a greater presence in, and providing benefits to, the community we all love.

Will you help, today?

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