We are at the center of the fight and We Need Your Help!

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          We are at the center of the battle against the extreme right, and we need you help!


Rochester is a former mill city of 30,000 in the southeast corner of New Hampshire. Politically, we are fairly equally divided between Democrats, Republicans and Independents, but sadly slightly more Republicans. Over the last few years, a very active group of extreme right wing, 9-12, Tea Party, Free State extremists have made it their mission to take over our city.

These past few weeks, these extremists have started to be exposed for the radicals that they are, and sadly, the whole Nation has seen it.

Rochester Tea Party Leader Arrested on Federal Charges  

                We know you saw this one – yes, Jerry DeLemus is one of our local right wing extremists! The FBI has finally arrested him for his Bundy Ranch antics, and his local supporters are outraged…

New Hampshire lawmaker says Pope is 'antichrist' after Francis's exchange with Donald Trump

                Jerry’s wife, Susan, (Our State Rep!!) sadly made national news with this gem!

Americans for Prosperity open local office

                The Koch Brothers opened a local office to try to ensure the area takeover!

Why Libertarians Are Plotting to Take Over New Hampshire

                The Libertarians are trying to take over our city and state! We need help!

Sadly, locally we have many more examples of these antics.  Now is the time to take our city and state back! But we need your help.

We need the resources to take our elected offices back. The NH legislature is a volunteer group, with State Reps only getting paid $100 per year. We are not a wealthy city, and we need help raising the funds to take back the legislature! Help us draw a line in the sand (or on the granite!)!

Please help us make a stand against these people with your contribution today!

Walter Hoerman, Chair, Rochester NH Democratic Committee

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