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Donate to flip Virginia's seats in Congress!

Together, we can turn Congress blue.

Please donate to help candidates reclaim our democracy.

Flippable seats. Virginia has seven Republicans in Congress and four Democrats. Virginia voted for Hillary and a Democratic Governor. These voters want Democratic representation.

Your support will go to Democratic primary winners opposing Republican incumbents in the two districts that are most at risk and one district that could be changed from red to blue.

In District 02, Virginia's Democratic governor Ralph Northam won more votes than Republican Ed Gillespie in the 2018 statewide governor's race, by 4.09%. However, the district is still fairly conservative and Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Elaine Luria barely won this seat, by by 2.30%. She is a small business owner and former Naval commander who needs your help to retain her seat in this coastal, Navy-dominated region.

District 05 shows pickup potential. Northam lost to Gillespie here by 8.87%. In 2018's Congressional elections, Democrat Leslie Cockburn only lost to the Republican contender by 6.6%. While it would be a tough race, that margin is possible and it's the closest flip available in Virginia. We're game for the challenge and taking it on.

In District 07, Northam lost to Gillespie by 3.69%. Former CIA operations officer / federal law enforcement agent Abigail Spanberger did the incredible with her strong supporters and flipped this seat. The win margin was 1.9%, so this seat will need rock solid defense. This fundraiser will be very important.

About us. We are local activists united in our commitment to government that reflects neighbors helping neighbors.

Why contribute. These campaigns need literature, web hosting, rent, and staff.

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Goal: $10,000 for each candidate.

Recurring monthly gifts are wonderful. Please donate monthly if you can.

Please give now. Thank you for flipping Congress!

Leadership Committee

Dr. James Shelton, Nancy Bleeker, Debra Fried Levin

Timing / Disbursement

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  • ActBlue sends one third of your contribution to each of the two incumbent Democrats after a brief processing window. After the June primaries, ActBlue will send the remaining third to the primary winner in District VA-05.
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  • The activists who have drafted and posted this fundraiser do not earn any funds or benefits. We have designed this fundraiser because we want to flip Congress.

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This form includes one or more Nominee Funds for offices that are currently held by Republican incumbents. Contributions to a Nominee Fund will be sent to the Democrat nominated to challenge the incumbent for the designated office. Contributions to a Nominee Fund will count towards your general election contribution limit (currently $2,800) to the respective candidate. In the event there is no Democratic nominee for a designated office, your contribution will default to ActBlue to build the tools that help small-dollar donors make their voices heard.

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