Blue Action Democrats - Southwest Austin (TX)

Flipping Awesome Fundraiser

We're flipping excited about #FlippingTexas!

Where: The Highball

1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

When: Sunday, July 14,

VIP Happy Hour: 3 pm

Fundraiser & Party: 4-6 pm

What: Flipping Awesome Fun

In 2018, 17 Texas House Republicans won by less than 10 points. Our mission is to flip those districts and turn Texas blue.

We can do this!

We have super volunteer leaders ready to organize their neighbors and register voters in the 17 state house districts where Republicans are most vulnerable.

Driving turnout in these areas will also flip targeted Congressional districts and the US Senate District. And make Texas a battleground state.

Funding is essential.

This is how we scale our organization to win across all 17 districts.

General Admission Tickets are $76 because if we flip 9 more seats, then we will have a majority (76 Democrats) in the Texas House.

We are offering limited sponsorship levels and VIP tickets to the VIP Happy Hour with Democratic elected representatives and candidates.



  • Rebecca Gainsley


  • Texas Rep. Donna Howard
  • Texas Rep. Vikki Goodwin
  • Texas Rep. Celia Israel
  • Julie Oliver for Congress
  • Shannon Hutcheson for Congresss
  • Alan Metni


  • Texas Sen. Kirk Watson
  • Texas Rep. Gina Hinojosa
  • Mayor Steve Adler
  • Linda Guy & Gregg Vunderink
  • Mary Ann Espiritu
  • Ed Espinoza & Paige Ellis
  • Carl & Dixie Jones
  • Judge Tamara Needles
  • Maria Cantu Hexel for Judge
  • Cari Marshall & Eric de Valpine
  • Pete & Frances Schenkkan
  • Alison Gallaway
  • Lesley Varghese
  • Ashley & Frank de Jong
  • Karen Collins
  • Jennifer Meyer
  • Catherine & David Wilkes
  • Blake Rocap
  • Nancy Dahl
  • Justin & Elizabeth Nelson


  • Alice Yi
  • CJ Zhao
  • Amy Meredith
  • Judge Brad Urrutia
  • Suzanne Whatley & Jackie Gilbert
  • Kennon Wooten
  • Constable Stacy Suits
  • Dayna Blazey
  • Sheriff Sally Hernandez
  • Tina Hester
  • Beth Payan
  • Brad Fullerton
  • Ann Howard for Travis County Commissioner (Pct. 3)
  • Jill van Voorhis
  • Deke Pierce for Travis County Constable (Pct. 2)
  • Joseph Kopser
  • Annie Courtney
  • Liz Donegan
  • Erin Martinson for Travis County District Attorney
  • Jessica Mangrum
  • Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore
  • Brian Stoller
  • Judge David Wahlberg
  • ACC Trustee Stephanie Gharakhanian
  • Jacob Smith
  • Jose Garza for Travis County District Attorney
  • Mike Frisch
  • Louise Joy
  • Gary Lewis
  • Mary Wilson

A one-year sustaining membership is also included with your sponsorship.

THANK YOU for your support. We love doing democracy with y'all!


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