Christopher Ervin

Chris Ervin for Baltimore City Council

After I honorably served my nation as a Marine, my intention was to study criminal law; but life had other plans for me. I was incarcerated and had time to reflect on the decisions I had made in my life up to that point.


Once I regained my freedom, I dedicated my life to rectifying my mistakes by helping people thrive in the same adverse conditions I knew too well.


In 2015, I founded the Lazarus Rite, a reentry job training program which has helped nearly 100 citizens returning from incarceration change their lives and join the middle class. I am a tireless organizer and advocate, who has worked with legislators in the Baltimore City Council and the Maryland General Assembly to craft legislation.


I was instrumental in the passing of Maryland’s 2016 felon enfranchisement law and Maryland’s first-ever law, in 2018, which allowed for nonviolent felony expungement. 

Baltimore is in crisis. Politics as usual has failed us time and time again—but when our communities unite around a courageous, progressive agenda, no obstacle can stand in our way.

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