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Help us kick off our campaign! I pledged not to take any corporate PAC or lobbyist dollars in this race. That means I need support from regular people like you. When Rhode Islanders work together, there's nothing we can't acheive.

I'm running to ensure our state does not end up under the ocean from rising tides and the effects of climate change. Rhode Island has warmed 2-degrees celsius, more than any other state. We must decarbonize by 2030 to avoid the worst outcomes of melting polar ice caps.

I'm running for office to give all our children a world class education, regardless of their zip code. Every person deserves affordable higher education and trade schools to further their skills. No Rhode Islander should feel their dreams are unachievable because they can't afford to get the job and skills training they need.

Join me in creating a Rhode Island that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.

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