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Donate today to Joey De Jesus's campaign for New York State Assembly District 38.

We must enact a #NYHomesGuarantee for housing is a human right. With 89,000 homeless New Yorkers, and over 250,000 vacant units in the city alone, New York State must enact emergency measures to immediately provide dignified, supportive housing for its homeless inhabitants. I will fight for a litany of taxes on the rich to house the poor and support the “Good Cause Eviction Bill”, a Right to Sell and Tenant’s Right to Buy, to enable tenants and/or the state first passes at purchasing property for sale toward permanent and social housing that’s tenant-owned, organized, unionized, or community land trusts.

I will fight to see a fully-funded and retrofitted NYCHA, investing in our most segregated schools, our libraries, housing for LGBTQ elders, fare-free public transit, tuition-free public education and investing in CUNY’s state budget to meet the demands of the 7KorStrike movement after over a decade of fighting against adjunctification and poverty wages. We must also repeal the Taylor Law which prevents public employees from legally striking.

I support our sex workers and believe in complete decriminalization sex work; sex workers should have the freedom to cooperatively-own and unionize their business. I believe in state-mandated paid leave for gender-affirmative healthcare for our trans community and gender minorities. I've committed to the Public Power Coalition's demands for decommodified, decarbonized, 100% renewable, and publicly-owned energy.

I call for the abolition of ICE, immigrants' suffrage, I am pro-marijuana and I support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction Movement. As a prison abolitionist, I pledge as a candidate to the mission of the No New Jails, and am appalled by the sinking of 11 billion dollars into of all things new prisons without committing to closing Rikers and the Vernon C. Bain Prison Barge, a modern-day slave ship, abomination and affront to humanity.

I, unlike my opponents, live one paycheck or medical emergency away from disaster. I, unlike the incumbent, am avowedly pro-choice, pro-Immigrant, pro-Black and pro Trans. I, unlike my other opponent, do not have the means to look at a map, move wherever I think I might win an election, and pump $100,000 into my own campaign. I am the only anti-settler-colonial and anti-imperialist candidate in this race.

I am a queer nightmare to the political establishment of New York State. As a poet, Adjunct lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College, activist and working-class person, I ask for your support and promise wholeheartedly to represent the people of Queens with ferocity and principle.

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