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NOW IS THE TIME for strong leaders from diverse backgrounds who can work together to bring opportunity for ALL Delawareans. I want to be the voice for people of good will from across the political spectrum.  A voice that calls for responsible environmental stewardship AND economic prosperity.  A voice that says we can maintain our values and traditions while remaining compassionate and inclusive.  A voice that assures us that workers' interests and business interests are interrelated and can lift each other up.  In sum, a voice that seeks to unify rather than divide.  That is why I am seeking the Democratic nomination for Senate District 4.  

Your contribution will help bring a WOMAN'S VOICE to the Delaware State Senate: a voice for women's health and women's rights

Your contribution will bring a PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER'S VOICE to the Delaware State Senate: a voice for excellence in public education

Your contribution will bring a FIRST-GENERATION AMERICAN'S VOICE to the Delaware State Senate: a voice for our hard-working immigrants and peace-seeking refugees


Your contribution will bring a LIFE-LONG DELAWAREAN'S VOICE to the Delaware State Senate: a voice for preserving the traditions and values that give Delaware its unique character, indeed making it the diamond of the United States.

Please help me in my bid to be the nominee for Senate District 4 with any support you can comfortably give.

Every little bit helps and is deeply appreciated.


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