Michael Marcantonio

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Michael Marcantonio embodies what every Long Islander wants out of their future. The self-made success of being financially secure to live on Long Island, and as needed, support his family and their future here.

Michael was born on Long Island and has a vested interest that one day, his own children can enjoy the clean water and beautiful shores. That his own children can get a world class education at our public schools that led to his graduation from Duke Law before he was 30.

The most pressing issue facing this district is the disregard that the LIPA power plant is treating its home with. Their contempt for our home is so strong that they are going as far as suing the town of Huntington to pay less taxes. And if they win this suit, peoples property taxes can as much as double in the next 5 years. This will decimate our schools and our police.

Michael won't let this happen-

Contribute today so we can have a fighter who cares about us in Albany!

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