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Give Smart - Flip Texas

This winter there is a critical special election in Texas’ 28th House district that could give a leg up on taking back the chamber in 2020. But you only have until the January 28 special election to help!

HD-28 is a tough district. Hillary lost it. Obama lost it. But Beto got a lot closer. And it’s a district that’s changing. It’s in the Houston suburbs, where thousands of new potential voters have moved, and the gap has been steadily closing in recent elections.  And the scandal-tarred Republican running here is beatable.

Flipping Texas in 2020, once a pipe dream, is now a possibility. And this special election is an important opportunity to have an impact on the entire effort to flip the Texas House, the most crucial chamber up in 2020 for congressional redistricting. 

That's why Data for Progress and Future Now Fund are getting involved.

If there is a candidate up for the challenge, it is Eliz Markowitz. Truly, she rocks. A native Texan raised by an oil worker and a teacher, Eliz helps teachers and students alike prepare for college. She is running to ensure her state government provides quality healthcare and a great education to every Texan. And we’ve proudly endorsed her. 

Supporting an awesome candidate like Eliz is reason alone to get involved in this special election. But this race is also an important opportunity to have an impact on the entire effort to flip the Texas House. Because if Democrats can with the 28th they'll be 8 seats away from the majority. And there are ten Republican-held seats that are even more Democratic than the 28th, 9 of which Beto won.

Give Smart is a project of Future Now Fund and Data for Progress

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