Alan Grayson (Congress)

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Please be a “sustainer,” a monthly contributor to our campaign. You sustain me, and you sustain our efforts toward justice, equality and peace. You sustain my ability to keep saying what you are thinking, but no one else is saying. You sustain us against vicious attacks by the Koch Brothers, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the rest of “Monty Python’s Lying Circus” at Fox News. As Jesse Jackson often says, you keep hope alive.

And what is that hope? Hope for relief from the grinding inequality that pervades everyday life. Hope for higher wages, paid vacation and sick leave, and universal healthcare and pensions. Hope for protection for Social Security, Medicare and other earned benefits. Hope for progressive taxation, an end to discrimination, respect for privacy, immigration reform, campaign finance reform, reducing the trade deficit and improving public schools. Hope for a better life for ordinary Americans. Hope for peace.

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