The Great Slate 2020

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The Great Slate is back! Four of our 2018 alumni are running again for Congress in states where there is a competitive Senate race in 2020 (Maine, Iowa, Alaska and Colorado).

That means we can build on the work we did in 2018 to help four crucial Senate races where they need it most: in difficult, rural parts of their state where pocketbook issues can break through party polarization, and where persuadable voters and low propensity voters are reachable, given time and effort.

In Iowa's 4th district, an agricultural region devastated by Trump's impulsive trade policy, J.D. Scholten is in a rematch with overt white nationalist Steve King, looking for a victory that eluded him last time by just ten thousand votes.

In Maine's 2nd district, Jared Golden is defending a seat he won by just three thousand votes—a victory that would also deliver the electoral vote for Maine's second district. The battle to defeat Susan Collins will be won or lost in rural Maine, where Golden will focus his entire campaign.

in Colorado's 3rd district, Diane Mitsch Bush is in a rematch against Scott Tipton. Her enormous district includes the heavily Latino city of Pueblo, with a historically low voter turnout. In a year when the incumbent Senator is so vulnerable over impeachment that he has taken to simply hiding from the press, this is one of the most promising Senate targets.

Finally, in Alaska, Alyse Galvin is running against an 86 year old climate denialist at a time when climate change is devastating her state. Her statewide race will reach the same electorate as the Senate race, which features a first-time candidate who is the son of a local legend running against a vulnerable incumbent. This is a year of exceptional political turmoil in Alaska, and Galvin has built a grassroots movement unprecedented in the history of the state.

Why fund these House races to win the Senate? Because they can run a complementary strategy: doing small-scale voter outreach, campaigning on local issues that cut across party lines, and building on field and campaign infrastructure we built in 2018. They can help us turn out additional Senate votes in an environment that will be completely saturated with political advertising.

Every donation means less time on the phones for these now-seasoned candidates, and more time out in their districts talking to voters. In a year when we can't take any votes for granted, they will be doing the hardest work—persuading voters, one at a time, that real change can happen in America, and that rural communities are not going to be left behind.

Please help them by eliminating the overhead and time sink of fundraising! You can donate up to $2,800 per candidate, or $11,200 to the Great Slate together.

Think of how much it would mean to you to wake up on November 4 to learn we have a Democratic Senate, that Steve King is out of office, and that the blue wave of 2018 was no aberration, but a sign of real and lasting change in our country. To get there will take all of us!

Whether you can give a lot of only a little, every donation counts, a gesture of support and solidarity to four patriotic Americans fighting to bring back hope in a year when it would be so easy to give in to despair.

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