Tyrell Holcomb

Stand With Holcomb!

Now more than ever Ward 7 needs a strong voice to stand up for our kids and schools. The days of being overlooked and excuses have grown old. We need a member on the State Board of Education who will advocate for equity, push for fair and adequate funding of our schools, build strong community partnerships, work to close the achievement gap, and have a consistent presence in our schools and communities.

Holcomb is participating in DC’s new public financing program (the Fair Elections Program) and is refusing PAC and corporate contributions and capping donations at $20.

If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5 to 1 - so your $20 turns into $120 for us. Chip in today and help us qualify for matching funds!

Let's work to make the investments our kids deserve today; to produce a promising tomorrow they can look forward to.


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