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Dear friends,
Everywhere I go, whether it's office hours or district events, I hear the same question.
"Katrina, is there hope?"

I always answer the same way: YES. Of course there is. We should never, ever, ever give up. There is so much to fight for, and to believe in.

Don't get me wrong: I've lost sleep at night worrying about the drastic changes to long-term care programs that our most vulnerable community members rely on. I worry about our school children and our college students, and think a lot about our hard-working public school teachers and UW faculty and staff. Whether it's creating opportunities for students to succeed, or making sure our workers get a fair shot, there's a lot to work on and a lot to fight for.

Which is why I never give up hope. There is no room in my heart for hopelessness. There is too much to do to let up.

I was honored to speak at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's State Convention this month and talk about what we must do to improve our state's economy, stand up for workers and grow the middle class, and restore our shared values to Wisconsin.

You can watch my speech here. 

I'm on a mission to inspire people across the state to get organized, get active, and get ready for 2016. I've been traveling around the state and need your help to spread my positive message. I'm just $250 away from reaching my goal for the June 30th deadline. Will you pitch in $25 to help me reach my goal? 

Thank you for your support!

Gratefully yours,

Katrina Shankland
State Representative, 71st Assembly District
Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader

P.S. Your support can go a long way. A $25 donation helps me speak to a county party or local progressive group around the state. Thanks for your help!

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