Join our Impeachment Task Force and help remove Trump from office

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UPDATE -- It's been two months since we launched the Impeachment Task Force - see below for just some of what we've accomplished and help us raise $20,000 to push out more digital ads:

  • We had more than 49,000 of you send 147,000 letters to Congress and now we started a new action page with the articles on it. Send a letter to Congress now - we need to drive as many contacts as possible before the floor vote.

  • Our first ad was viewed more than 5 million times across a variety of digital platforms and was aired on CNN and Fox News. Share it here


As an impeachment vote in the House looms, please donate to help the Task Force keep the pressure on the shameless complicit Republicans in Congress. 

Here is the plan:

1) Drive contacts to Congress

Send a letter to Congress now - we need to drive as many contacts as possible before the floor vote.

We will be starting a list of who in the House has said they are voting yes on the articles of impeachment--see the list here.

If your members of Congress are not listed on the list, write them here and then call them at (202) 224-3121.

2) Amplifying allies

The Democratic Coalition is one of the largest online organizing groups in the Democratic Party. While impeachment is a grave process for Congress to undertake, we need to be able to amplify breaking news and accounts related to impeachment and counter disinformation using paid advertising.

On the other side, Trump is using millions of dollars on rapid-response Facebook ads, spending over $2 million on 1,800 ads in just a single week. This makes our efforts even more critical to win hearts and minds in the fight to sway public opinion.

Your donations will go towards digital ads as well as the development and coordination of messaging on a daily basis.

3) Fighting Trump's Lies

Help us fight Trump's constant stream of disinformation and fake news with our rapid response coalition. See the list of coalition members here.

Your donations will go towards promoting tweets and Facebook posts related to impeachment from members of the Impeachment Task Force.

4) Promoting Hashtags

Your donations will go directly towards getting hashtags, like #ImpeachTrump and #Ukrainegate, to trend in order to promote our messaging and also counter messaging from Trump and his allies.

Learn more about our work:

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