Rep. Katrina Shankland's Inauguration Day

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Rep. Katrina Shankland's Inauguration Day Dear Friends,

Today is Inauguration Day. Every state legislator will be in the Capitol to take the oath of office and begin the 2015-16 legislative session. It's because of your support that I am here today.

In light of the new year and new session, I am strengthening my resolve to fight for you and Wisconsin families every day. As Assistant Democratic Leader in the Assembly, I will work hard to rebuild the middle class and represent the great people of our state.

My vision for Wisconsin is a state where there's a job for every worker, opportunity for every child, and an economy that works for everyone. I know that working together, we can achieve this and accomplish great things.

I also know what we're up against, but that's not about to stop me - it only motivates me. Instead of following along with an agenda that will only divide the people of our great state, I believe now is the time to advance a positive, bold agenda -- one that unites us. I will champion policies that lift everyone up, from relieving the burden of student loan debt to strengthening retirement security.

Today, as I take the oath of office in the State Assembly Chambers, I'll be thinking of the people of the 71st Assembly District and how they all deserve a fair shot. I'll think of you and everyone in Central Wisconsin, and carry your voices with me every time I'm in the Capitol.

It's time for a state government that works for the people. I hope you'll stay in touch and let me know you're with me.

Thank you, Katrina

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