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Hello Family and Friends,

In April 2017, I was almost kicked out of a Democratic fundraising dinner because the organizers believed that young people don't have a place in the world of campaigning and fundraising. On the drive home, I wondered to myself how young people could have the voice they deserve in an industry that depends on young people for votes and volunteering with little in return. As a result, Friends of Intelligent Democracy was started in August 2017 as a way for young people like me to have a long muted voice in American politics. Throughout my senior year of high school, I worked with a team of the best students my high school had to lay the groundwork for the organization we have today. Today, the team of GW students I work with are helping drive Friends of Intelligent Democracy into the 2020 election cycle at full speed toward a Democrat in the White House and majorities in both the House and Senate.

Since we started I am proud to say my team and I have started to make the impact we want. In the 2018 midterms, Friends of Intelligent Democracy endorsed over 300 candidates and reached hundreds of thousands of voters. The United States of America has come to a crossroads with bigotry, hate and backwards policies down one path and freedom, equality and progressivsm down the other. With your support, we get to help candidates that will create a better future for you, me, and generations to come.

While Friends of Intelligent Democracy has had great results, moving forward we need your help to help even more candidates and reach more voters. A $5 donation allows us to reach 1000 voters through social media and is especially important in districts that are decided by a couple thousand votes. Every donation comes with a personal thank you from me as without you, there would be no Friends of Intelligent Democracy.

Your donation will help us support policies and candidates that will:

  • Make Public Education Affordable
  • Create Equality for All
  • Modernize Our Democracy
  • End Gun Violence
  • Stimulate Economic Growth
  • End Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
  • Solve the Climate Change Crisis

Your support means the world and I cannot wait to turn your donation into success.

Thank you,

Charlie Panfil

Executive Director and Founder

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