Turn Paul Ryan’s seat blue!

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Meet Randy Bryce, the man who will turn Ayn Rand clone and Donald Trump defender Paul Ryan's seat blue in November.

Ryan announced that he is no longer running for re-election this fall. And the election experts are now predicting the seat can turn blue!

The person who will win this fall is Randy Bryce, aka "Iron Stache," a blue-collar ironworker who had cancer, and whose mom has MS, and who is devoted to single-payer and saving the ACA, committed to helping Dreamers, and supported by Bernie. The guy is amazing, and is raising serious money. Please donate to Randy, let's take Paul Ryan's seat this November.

Our victory in Alabama, where Democrat Doug Jones beat accused- child molester Roy Moore, and the amazing victory of Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania shows that we can win this -- if we can win Alabama, we can win anywhere. And if we win back the US House, which the experts now say we will, that changes everything for the Resistance against Donald Trump. Trump's horrible agenda gets stopped in Congress, while Congress will finally launch real investigations to get to the bottom of Russia's interference in our election, Trump's obstruction of justice, financial corruption, AND someone will finally be able to stand in the way of the Republican party's never-ending vendetta about Hillary Clinton.

All of that is why I'm asking you to donate $20.18 to help Randy Bryce take Paul Ryan's seat. Thanks so much.

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