I will champion for...

I am a Champion for Jackson, and as your State Representative, I will champion for:

• Education (Fully funding MAEP, Compulsory Pre-K [Statewide], Incentives for Teachers, Increase Teacher Pay and more)

• Economic Development/Job Creation (Equal Pay for Women and Minorities, Raise Minimum Wage, Increase Minority Contract Participation, More Support to Small Business Owners and more)

• Healthcare (Access to Healthcare for all Mississippians, Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights, Expanding Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act, Reduce the Cost of Rx Drugs and more)

• Expanding Voter Access 

• Better Access To Veteran’s Benefits

• And more...

The citizens of District 70, Jackson and Mississippi deserve A Champion - Tammy Cotton!

We need your help to share about how Tammy wants to better represent Jackson!

Make a donation TODAY to the campaign.

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For press inquiries, please contact: tammycotton4ms@gmail.com. We know you get a lot of emails, so we appreciate you taking the time to stay in touch with our campaign. You empower our campaign. If you'd like to donate via postage mail to Tammy's campaign, please make the check payable to: Friends of Tammy Cotton, 317 E. Capitol Street, Suite 701, Jackson, MS 39201. Thank you for your continued support!

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