Defeat Jim Jordan; Elect Janet Garrett to Congress

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You know Jim Jordan.

He's the Trump sycophant GOP House member from Ohio who routinely embarrasses himself on TV (like when he recently questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) because he's simply not that bright.

But Jordan makes up for it with his tenacity for defending Trump's treason. Next to Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan is one of the Republicans most responsible for trying to derail the Mueller probe, and hide any evidence of Trump's and Russia's crimes from the American people.

Democrat Janet Garrett is running against Jordan, and if we can get a big enough Democratic wave this fall, we can send Jordan back to Moscow where he belongs.

Garrett is a former school teacher whose platform includes combating the opioid crisis, protecting union rights, protecting voting rights, and achieving universal health care.

Jordan is a traitor. Garrett is the real deal. Now more than ever we must stop the Trump-Republican onslaught, and take back the Congress this November. Donate now to Janet Garrett, and send a loud and clear message to Donald Trump that this is our country and we're taking it back.

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