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The fire within empowers me to create change.

In the midst of political turmoil where millions are fighting for social equity, some lace up their shoes and march for justice while others infiltrate to change the very system that legally oppresses them; my life’s work has consisted of both vital components in today’s civil rights movement.


From a public defender in Bowie County to private practice, I have served people in the state of Texas and Arkansas as well as in Federal Courts, defending accusations waged in a broken criminal justice system. Though the media has covered my efforts to seek justice for Beauty Queen Carmen Ponder, Mother Jackie Craig, Student Jordan Edwards, The Dallas 9, and Entrepreneur Mark Hughes, very few are able to witness the work that must continues after the limelight has passed. 

I am asking for your support so that we can bring this fire to Austin and change the laws of the State of Texas to create real Criminal Justice Reform, expansion for mental healthcare, quality education, and women's equality.

Please visit my website at jasminefor100.com

Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @jasminefor100

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