Donate to Jesus Was A Democrat

Trump's faith is false, period.

And if Jesus were alive today, he would not vote for Trump. 

We are tired of the culture of hate he promotes, we are tired of the self-serving lies, we are tired of the degradation of human compassion.

And more than anything, we are tired of how Trump uses his false faith as a justification to sew these seeds of hate, cruelty and war while sewing their pockets with profits.

The true teachings of Jesus are LOVE, compassion, peace, and tolerance. Jesus told us our job is to care for the weak and vulnerable among us, not the rich and powerful. 

We want to take back religion from the people who have hijacked it and distorted it to serve their selfish interests. We want to help galvanize and give expression to the QUIET MAJORITY of those who love Jesus but who would not normally take to social or political expressions of their ideals.

America is the wealthiest nation in the world and this increases our moral obligation to take care of our most vulnerable members and stop building walls of idolatry to protect its richest and most corrupt.

We are a Federally recognized SuperPAC. We are raising these funds to create messaging in many formats that helps give expression to this vast need.

The more light we shine on Trump's false faith, the closer we will come to a November that closes this regrettable chapter.

100% of every dollar donated helps us interview ministers, religious leaders, civic leaders, moms, dads, and EVERYONE who supports LOVE, COMPASSION, and PEACE.

Thank you!!!

We love you.

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