Abby Finkenauer

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Meet Abby

Abby recently became the Democratic nominee in Iowa's 1st District, one of the top take-back opportunities for Democrats this cycle. If elected, Abby would be a new, energetic voice for Democrats in the heartland. Raised in a union household, Abby can appeal to all voters, including women, the working and middle class, and rural and urban residents. Democrats have recently focused on efforts to build the bench, and Abby’s campaign is a testament to those efforts. If elected, Abby will take a leading role in recruiting and mentoring young candidates across the heartland to cultivate up-and-coming leaders. As a state representative, Abby has the record of a true progressive. She has fought for: women’s rights, workers’ rights and LGBTQ rights.

Supported By

• Vice President Joe Biden

• DCCC Red to Blue

• EMILY’s List


• End Citizens United

• 15 Labor Unions

• Dozens of local elected officials

Featured In

New York Magazine named Abby one of the top ten women to watch in 2018

Politico cited Abby’s campaign as one of the top ten to pay attention to this year

NBC wrote about Abby’s race as essential to Democrats taking back the House

Elle interviewed Abby about her exciting run to be one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress

Winning Iowa’s 1st District

• A February 2018 PPP poll found Abby beating Freedom Caucus Rep. Rod Blum 43-42 

• Cook’s Partisan Voter Index lists IA-01 as D+1 tossup district and Abby has been named to the DCCC Red to Blue target list

• Abby raised just over $610,000 for her campaign through the end of 2017, surpassing the amount raised by incumbent Rep. Rod Blum during the same period

• Fueled by a surge of grassroots support, 84% of Abby’s contributions were $100 or less in the final 2017 filing period

• Insider Elections shifted the race in Iowa’s First Congressional District towards Democrats

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