Joseph Geierman

Help Elect Joseph Geierman to be Doraville's Next Mayor

Joseph Geierman is running to be Doraville's next mayor. Doraville has a bright future, but we need leadership with a vision to take us there. Joseph Geierman is that leader.

Running a mayoral campaign is expensive - it costs a lot of money to get our message to voters and to turn out supporters who want to see change in Doraville. My opponent - who has been in elected office for 15 years - has already raised tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and developers who profit from the status quo in our city. I am not OK with business as usual, and think we need to make big changes in how we do things, starting with who has a say in our city government.

I’m funding my campaign with contributions from regular people like you. If you want a better Doraville, that cleans up our blighted properties, brings good paying jobs and is a great place to raise a family, please give $10 or whatever you can today so that we can spread our positive message of change. Together, we can build a better Doraville that works for everyone

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