Donate to the Committee to Elect Josh Amaral

A note from Josh:

I love being on the School Committee and being involved in our community. It can be hard work, but it's fulfilling and interesting. For me, fundraising is the most difficult part of the job. A candidate must effectively communicate their message to win, and that takes money for printed materials, advertising, websites, events, and so on. Every contributor is a personal friend or a family member of mine, and their willingness to donate is extremely humbling. The Committee to Elect Josh Amaral last held a campaign fundraiser in April 2017, but hadn’t since October of 2013 previously, instead funding the campaign and its annual philanthropic contributions with my own personal funds. 

I hope you consider supporting this campaign to be an investment in our schools and our city. Some of the funds will go to ensuring our success at the polls, and the rest will go right back into our community in support of school sports, arts and other student activity organizations and other local charitable endeavors.


All donations benefit The Committee to Elect Josh Amaral. 

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