Justin Krebs for City Council

I'm running to represent the 39th district in Brooklyn because I want to bring people together to take collective action that produces big progressive change—in joyful, inclusive and community-strengthening ways. It's what I've done in my political, community and cultural work and what I intend to bring to the service of my neighbors, my community and my city.

Please support! Donations from within NYC up to $175 are matched 8-to-1 with public funds. Multiply your impact and help kick off this campaign!

I lead the national campaigns work at MoveOn. I'm a founder of the The Tank, a NYC cultural institution, and Living Liberally, the national network of political social communities. I am an author, board member of my public school's Parent Association, and father of three young girls who call Park Slope home.

Across all my endeavors has run a belief that we're better off when we're in it together—and that collectively and joyfully we can impact the world around us. I will bring that same spirit to this campaign and to the work of City Council.

As with all my past experiences, everyone's invited. We can have the most impact together.

The campaign website will be live soon. Until then, tell me how else you'd like to be involved by filling out this short form: http://bit.ly/justin2021-get-involved

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