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Hi. I'm Justine.

Like you, I woke up the morning after the last election hurt, scared, and angry. Like so many women around the country, I knew it was time for me to do more. I had two kids under 5, so I'd taken some time away from politics, but I couldn't take any more -- I had to lend my voice for change.

I grew up in Rhode Island, and so I knew that for too long, our politics have been an old-boys' club.

We need more women. We need more legislators who will stand up for reproductive rights. We need more legislators who understand the basic needs of women and can advocate for those needs in a male-dominated legislature. We need more moms who are more worried about keeping their kids safe from gun violence than they are about making it too hard for people to get lethal weapons. We need more legislators who are prepared to ensure every Rhode Islander has quality, affordable health care, even if Republicans in Washington won't help them get it. We need more #TrueBlue Democrats who will stand up for Democratic causes and Democratic issues. We need more people like me.

So I'm running to represent voters in my district -- East Greenwich and part of West Greenwich -- in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

All women have gone through the experience of not being taken as seriously as we should be. One thing I know from working in politics is that everyone takes money seriously. We're still in the phase of the campaign where candidates are proving themselves. Your contribution at this stage will help demonstrate to people in the know that this is a campaign worth taking seriously -- and it'll help me spend more time talking with the voters I'm hoping to represent, and less time asking for money.

As the election gets closer, it will help us pay for direct mail, get-out-the-vote activities, maybe even a summer intern who can help the campaign succeed and learn valuable activist skills along the way.

If this is the kind of campaign that interests you, please donate what you can. We will spend it wisely, using every dime to reach voters and volunteers who feel left out in Trump's America.

Thank you!

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